Sunday, September 21, 2008

ahh ... now I get it.

About 6 months before I bought this place, I'd put in an offer on a house in Eagle Mountain. The deal fell through, and this whole time I'd assumed it was because of the commute my husband would have had after we married, and the fact that I'd never see my family.

That all may be part of it, but I'd also intended on purchasing a rather large dog afterward to help protect my daughter and me from unwanted "guests." When the deal fell through and we found this tiny condo, I started looking at lap dogs, but decided not to get one when we found out about my heart. My husband does not like dogs. At all. So I'm glad I decided, in the end, not to get one.

So a couple of nights ago, hubby was showing me something on his thigh and next to it, I saw a scar I'd never noticed before. It's about 1/4 inch wide and about 1 inch long. "What's that from?" "A dog bite." Shock. "What?? That doesn't look like a dog bite." He pointed to his knee, a good 9 inches away from the other scar. "That's the other part of it." There were a bunch of scars crisscrossing the knee. Turns out, when he was a very small child in the Islands, a German shepherd bit him and shook him around like a rag doll. He remembers being attacked, but that's all, and he is sort of afraid of big dogs still (even though he's 6'1" and close to 280 ...). His older brother remembers seeing the whole thing. So as he's grown, the scars have grown apart.

The topic of a pet dog is now closed. Permanently.


Kipluck said...

That is a sad story! (Not just that you can't have a doggy, which I know you would expect from me! Hee hee!) Being a major dog lover I hate when a dog attack instills that fear for life. I wish parents would work really hard with bite victims to help them cope and overcome it.

stewbert said...

There are lots of things I wish his parents had done ... bah.

Kiddo was actually bitten by a dog when she was about that age, too, and was afraid for a long time. But she's made friends with a few dogs now, so she's been asking for one of her own. Sorry, kiddo. Maybe when you're a grownup.