Wednesday, September 17, 2008

caffeine withdrawal

ever have one of those days where you just can't seem to do anything right? your baby screamed at you half the night, then your husband came home in a bad mood and led you to believe bad things about yourself, then your older child threw a fit because she got in trouble for not cleaning her room, and then you got an email from work saying you messed up? And to top it all of, after a hysterical crying fit to your sister, you realize something. You haven't had a Pepsi since Monday, no caffeine at all, and you're out of chocolate! No wonder it feels like the world is coming down on your head -- caffeine withdrawals and hormones are a bad combination.

Thank heaven for Excedrin Tension. Caffeine and acetaminophen.

And for a baby bouncer with brightly colored toys hanging above it. He wants them and he quit yelling at me.

And for kiddo realizing mommy can't do everything.

And for hubby sleeping with his CPAP on so when you go in there and hand him the baby so you can go potty and find the drugs, he wakes up and acts semi coherent and takes care of him for 5 minutes and is actually nice and says he loves you when you leave the room.

and for the sweet smell of the cuddly baby. and for the little smile that lights up his whole face when he sees you.

now i have to go get some chocolate ... and maybe pepsi...

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