Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Literary Rules

A good guy/girl can't get screwed. That's in the rules for romances, per my sister the romance author. So usually the "other" person in a love triangle has some major character flaw (like he's a lush or extremely controlling or what have you) so that it's obvious which choice to make.

But sometimes our choices in life aren't always between good and bad. Sometimes, they're between good and good, or good and better, or at least better for us.

If you've seen Made of Honor, you know the choice she makes. It was refreshing to see a dose of "reality" in a romantic comedy as far as that goes. Sometimes ... often times, a good guy DOES get screwed. Just ask any "nice" guy. My best guy friend, Josephina Minckerbottom, used to tell me that all the time. Hubby felt the same way, until he finally got the girl of his dreams (ha!).

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