Monday, September 1, 2008

It's a good thing I got roses ...

The rest of the weekend has, well, sucked. Baby is fussy, hubby is ornery, kiddo is acting out, and I'm just plain tired. ugh.

The room darkening shade in baby's room fell while I was trying to rearrange things in there so I can actually put him to bed in his own room (instead of in bed with ME) and y'know have it a bit organized or something. Gaaaahhhhh. He nursed for 1-1/2 hours, chucked all over me, still said he was hungry, pooped, kept saying he was hungry, kiddo gave him some formula, and then he nursed for another 5 minutes before he passed out. I swaddled him, put him in his bassinet, threatened kiddo with bodily harm if she woke him up (not really), and went to the bathroom alone for the first time all day. *crossing fingers* He's still in there. I'd be napping or working if A) I could sleep or B) if there was any work (it's a holiday, a lot of docs aren't working today).

At least the roses are still pretty. They made me smile when I saw them this morning.

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