Monday, September 22, 2008

pfffffft ...

so, my neighbors recently bought a new car and one of our other neighbors said, "how fun!" and I thought to myself ... why is that FUN?

Oh, don't get me wrong. I like driving. But I DESPISE dealerships and being hustled. I know what I want when I go those places, and I do my homework before I even make any sort of contact. I do not need to be sold on anything, nor do I need someone to tell me all of the information I have is WRONG, or that I couldn't possibly have a lower interest rate already than the one they were offering because it was through the same credit union (which the credit union told me they would do), or to push for closing a deal when my 2-month-old is pitching a fit already and I've already told them I need to leave.


I'm going back to the credit union in the morning to find out what kind of loan they'll prequal me for, and then I'll shop around for a van. If I can get a dealer who will make it make financial sense for me to buy one, I will. But going into a 6-year loan already owing 5K more than the used van with no warranty is worth is NOT smart. GAHHH.


treen said...

Adam found this video called "how to buy a car without getting screwed." I thought it was pretty useful and bookmarked it for the next time we buy a car (which won't be for a long time since we just bought a brand new car 2 years ago).


stewbert said...