Monday, September 15, 2008

Answers to prayers

I lost my keys.

Then my cell phone.

And then I lost *hubby's* keys.

I found my keys and phone this morning, but wasn't too worried about hubby's because I'd found my set of keys to the car and house, so what's the worry, right?

Well. His key to his work locker is on his keychain. He was stressing. Oops.

So, I thought I remembered putting them in the diaper bag yesterday after church, and even had the thought, "remember where you're putting these. you will need them tomorrow." But I couldn't find them in there! I searched frantically for about 15 minutes until I stopped and said a prayer to find the keys. Kept looking, but was much more calm, and then looked in the small outside pocket of the diaper bag for them. There they were.

Thank heaven. Hubby was able to calm down enough to sleep now, so at least I'm not in trouble anymore ... and I did say a prayer of thanks.

Just little things like that remind me that God does hear and answer our prayers, no matter how small or great ... even if it's not the way we expect them to be answered.

I realized this weekend that it doesn't matter how many supplements I take to make more milk if the baby wants a bottle with formula twice a day. That helped me feel better too, and then I remembered the inspiration in the hospital to supplement with the catheter back then ... and realized if the Lord hadn't given me that piece of information, the baby probably wouldn't be breast feeding at ALL by now, let alone most of the time. that made me feel even better.

I'm so thankful for the inspiration and answers to prayers, and the other answers that make me realize we're being blessed even if it's not in the way I think it's going to happen. Like with hubby suddenly asking for more hours at work, and Kaje bringing over gripe water (which I am using most nights), or Steph helping fix up the baby's room, or kiddo making dinner and enjoying cooking, or when my parents were here last and cleaned and helped with food. I don't have to do it all myself and physically can't, so I'm just really thankful for all the blessings and help we've received.

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