Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Fave Five

In no particular order ...

1. Ritter Sport dark chocolate with Marzipan. I love marzipan. I love dark chocolate. There is no milk in it. oh my gosh ... evil evil evil.

2. Steph. *sniff* She came and helped finish getting the baby's room ready. The play yard/bassinet is still the bed (need a new crib mattress as a light bulb shattered and sprayed the other mattress in the garage), but even just dragging out the bookcase and moving in the dresser ... and sorting through the clothes ... HUGE help. hubby helps when he's ready to, and sometimes it takes a while ... and ... since he did #3 this week, I'm not going to push him helping more around the house.

3. Hubby requested more hours at work and got approved for the bigger schedule. Why? Well. We had a discussion or two about "what is best for our financial picture," and he decided on his own that if he worked more hours, it would help. I have never suggested it or told him to work more (although I have expressed disappointment when his paychecks suck because he called off a lot), so this really was all his doing.

4. Kiddo. She's made dinner a few times and made cupcakes last night after making yummy goulash ... I heart that kid. She has been soooo much more helpful lately. wahoo!

5. The supportive people I've been meeting lately, the ones who don't try and make me feel bad for my parenting choices. It's formula, not rat poison, and he only gets 2-4 ounces a day. The other 17-28 ounces (not sure how much he takes in since it's breast milk; that's based on an average from the LLL) is all from me. And yes, the ones who might be trying to make me feel bad are also trying to be supportive of my choice to breast feed, but there are times he WANTS a bottle (usually lunchtime and bedtime), and I'm not going to fight the screaming baby. We're both so much happier if he takes them, I'm not going to fuss about it. Still drinking the herbal tea every day though because when I miss it, I'm making less milk. So anyway. I'm just thankful for all the support. :)

random movie quote: Where were you this weekend, man? We had the best frat party ever! We almost had a girl there!

Andddd ... I'm thankful I don't live in Texas right now. See, a position opened up at work that would have required a relocation to Texas. Houston, to be exact. With Ike headed straight for them ... I'm glad I didn't apply. There were other reasons since Ike wasn't around yet, but ... yeah. Ssoooooo glad we live here right now. lol


evitafjord said...

You'd be 20 hours closer to me! Right now we're about 4 hours north of Houston and set to see Ike at the tail end of category 1 and TS tomorrow morning and afternoon (well, outer bands around midnight tonight). But I say thank goodness we didn't ever decide to go further south to Houston. Even the area we lived when Em was born will be hit much harder than we will, it's about halfway between us and the coast. Messy.

evitafjord said...

And, ahem, recipe, cough.

stewbert said...

Honestly, that was one in the "pro" column to going there. You. hehehe.

Messy indeed. lol.

evitafjord said...


So far, so good. We might not see the tail end of cat 1 after all. Still messy, but not so much. We turned the trampoline upside down anyway.

stewbert said...

oh good ... one of my bosses emailed this morning. she's evacuated to waco, but can't locate her husband at home. scary.

kaje said...

mmm. I love dark chocolate with marzipan. Good call.

And... I'm thankful you don't live in Texas right now either! For more reasons then the hurricane. :-D

evitafjord said...

Did your boss find her husband I hope by now?

The baptism went fantastic - everyone assumed that THE baker in our ward made the peanut butter bars :-) I want to make some more today, but I am refraining. Maybe if I do well on my test today AND catch up on work. Motivation!

stewbert said...

Kaje, I was thinking of you when I bought it actually. lol

I think she did -- I haven't been on but no one has said otherwise.

and THAT is awesome! woooo!