Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Fave Five

1. On-the-Spot Renewal. Our printer is out of ink, I don't want to wait for the P.O., and I would have wasted time and gas going to the DMV place, so even though they charge $10 to log into the state's website and hand you a sticker, I did it anyway. And the registration is renewed.

2. Rotisserie chicken. Moist, tender, inexpensive ... relatively speaking ... kiddo chopped up potatoes and made mashies (with some help from me and no milk), and served dinner with raw carrots.

3. Kiddo's Diner. She served a menu alongside the dinner plates and asked for $1 each from me and hubby. lol.

4. Pepsi. Hi, I'm Stewie, and Pepsi is crack to me ...

5. Baby tylenol. Sucks to have a sick baby. Sucks to have a sick baby who got shots earlier in the week. Sucks even more to have a sick baby who had shots earlier in the week, who also had to have a penile adhesion taken down. Bad mommy, I thought I was caring for his circ just fine ... but no, he had one adhesion. *sigh* (okay now call me a bad mommy for medicating my vaccinated, circumcised son ... lol)

There you have it.

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MamaBear said...

bad bad mommy. NOT!

#2 son had an adhesion. i ended up feeling like if #3 had been a boy we would NOT have circed. DH was with me on this. fortunately we skipped the problem and got our DD!