Sunday, September 7, 2008

Stake Conference

I don't usually go to Stake Conference. I'm horrible, I know. We didn't make it to the adult session last night either. But ... we got a letter a couple weeks ago saying that "someone from the First Presidency and/or someone from the Quorum of the Twelve" would be addressing us, so I decided I was going and kiddo was coming with me, even if hubby didn't.

Well. He decided to go.

It was really 135-stakes stake conference. President Packer and President Uchtdorf were there at the Marriott Center, and we just went to the stake center next door to hear them speak. It was a really great meeting. The entire chapel and cultural hall were totally full. It was even better that it was broadcast into the relief society and primary rooms, so we got to be in the small room hearing the words of our leaders and hubby didn't have a panic attack or anything, and I got to rest my weary tailbone on the soft chairs. I had to take the baby into the mother's lounge to nurse near the end, and I was the only one in there, so that was nice and quiet, too, whereas the RS room was a bit more noisy with all the kids in there.

One of the seventies spoke about being kinder to one another, and realizing there are those among us who feel "different" and like they don't belong for whatever reason. He spoke of his brother, who was brain damaged at birth due to a lack of oxygen, and how some people treated him poorly, even people in the church. It was obviously a tender subject for him, and I really enjoyed how he presented it, talking about people who suffer from depression or feelings of inadequacy, singles, divorcees, otherwise good members whose lives don't necessarily fit the ideal also need to be treated with more kindness. It was touching.

Then Sister Dibb? (I think) spoke. She's President Monson's daughter and second counselor in the general young women's presidency. She talked about living a real life, as opposed to Satan's counterfeit that he wants us to live. The best statement? "Satan doesn't have a family, and he wants YOURS." Someone gave her that on a card at Women's Conference. He's going to do anything he can to destroy our families, and sometimes that something just starts with greed or wanting something like a fancy car. But when you get the fancy car, you start wanting the next better one. She said to choose NOT to get into that race. Makes sense to me. :)

President Packer spoke next, and he spoke more of the history of the Provo region and the mountain man trapper from Canada whose last name was Provost for whom the area was named. (incidentally, I went to Provost elementary school in second grade, so I'd learned about him way back then.) Then he spoke about the pioneers who settled the area later on and various other historical things. (to be honest, I was having a hard time focusing during his talk -- noisy kids).

President Uchtdorf is a funny, funny man. He spoke of missionary work and how one young American missionary blessed his life by choosing to serve and teaching his wife's family. He said when he saw the new family the missionary brought to church, including the 13-yo Harriet who would later become his wife, he thought that missionary was doing a great job. lol. He also told the young men to, "forget the truck with big tires, especially you young men in Utah and Wasatch Counties. That's a risky investment anyway." And told them to choose instead to spend that money on a mission, which is an investment of eternal significance. He also said when he was flying planes for Lufthansa and flew over Utah (from Frankfurt to L.A.), he'd point out BYU to all his passengers. "It's good to be the captain, in control of the public address system." HA!

Anyway. It was a wonderful meeting, and I'm glad we all managed to go. Even if we were a few minutes late because I slept in and then had to bathe the baby and change a diaper and then he puked all over me, and I barely had two minutes to get myself dressed and makeup on ... and then we had to leave a few minutes early because bambino was starving and my blood sugar was dropping (missed breakfast). Hubby is now in bed, kiddo and I have had lunch, the baby has been fed and burped and changed, and I have to work (argh, I know).


steph k said...

I have a really hard time listening to President Packer at regional & stake conferences because of the history lesson.... but I'm glad you all went!!

stewbert said...

Yeah ... I know we talked about him before. The history talks are harder for me to focus on, but when it's something else, I lurve his talks (and his books).