Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm taking work off Conference weekend

Or at least, I'm hoping I am.

My friend who got me hooked up with this job is also one of the team leads ... she's really awesome, love her to pieces. when she got my email about conference saturday being off, she called me. "Sooooo, what are you doing?" lol. She's not a member, but I explained our church's worldwide leadership is speaking that weekend and that I want to listen. She was cool about it, but said the boss has to approve it. She was just giving me crap.

My other reason? I AM GOING TO CLEAN THIS *BLANK* HOUSE while conference is on. Sure ... I'll have to feed the baby and all that stuff, but the house will be cleaned that weekend, and I don't just mean "grab this and shove it there." I will be taking garbage bags through all the rooms, getting rid of things we don't use/wear/fit into/need. Clutter will magically disappear, dusting will be done, floors will be swept/vacuumed ... all while listening to conference and wearing a baby.

Maybe I'm setting myself up for failure by expecting it all to be done. But OTOH, someone has to do it before I lose my mind. And it's going to be me apparently. lol


evitafjord said...

I'm taking off that weekend too - it's our anniversary. So, I'm doing the cleaning this week so that I can have the babysitter (and not the babysitter who also lives in a messy house with 5 kids so I'm not so worried about her seeing my messy house - no, the one who is the baby of a very organized single mom of 3 girls, except the next oldest graduated the year after I had Hannah). Anyway, I have the plague this week, but that's good in a way, because for some reason when I feel like death, I get motivated and now I've got the living and family room done. Woohoo.

stewbert said...

yeah ... cleaning for the clean sitter is a good idea. lol