Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday Fave Five!

1. Chocolate without dairy in the ingredients (even if it says it may contain traces). Choxie dark and Ritter Sport dark chocolate (a european brand) are the two I've enjoyed that I've tried. I think the Lindt bar I got is too much cocoa (85% or something insane). It's bitter.
2. CPAP. It's the machine hubby's using when he sleeps because he quits breathing and chokes in his sleep. guess what? His arousal index is normal now after one month of use.
3. Luvs. I'm still not using cloth full time, but I really like the Luvs we've bought. We're going to try the costco brand as well, but if I hate them, at least I know these work. (so did the free Walgreen's dipes, but their normal price is similar to Luvs normal price, AND they're not as "cushy" so Luvs it is.)
4. Prevacid, Mylicon, and gripe water -- a combination of the three is keeping Mojo happy these days.
5. Hubby working regularly again. WHeeeeeeeeeee!


treen said...

Good luck with the cloth diapers. We've been using them since February mostly full time. I think they've helped in getting Summer ready to potty-train - she'll take the diaper off herself and hand it to me when it's wet (or poopy - that one is always fun). So I'm gearing up for the big shift - we got her regular underwear at the store today.

Glad to hear that things seem to be smoothing out for y'all. I have been reading your blog even if I haven't been commenting.

Oh, and thanks for the reminder to read the Ensign (a couple of posts ago) - we haven't gotten the hard copy magazine for a couple of years now, and I always have to get reminders to read it online.

stewbert said...

Yeah, I need to work into the full time thing. Just have had a lot of other stuff on our plates here since he was born, so maybe now that things are smoothing out, I can sew up some more fitted ones since the prefolds are kind of a PITA and hubby doesn't know how to use them. And the covers I made are too big, so I need to make a couple other tiny ones just for the prefolds. Hm ... weekend project? Nooo ... picking peaches this weekend, will need to freeze/dehydrate/eat them instead. don't have a canner.

evitafjord said...

"His arousal index is normal now after one month of use."

I always laugh at that phrase every time I type it. My parents will be here on Tuesday with their dueling CPAP machines. We're putting them in the boys' room where they can breathe in peace.

stewbert said...

I know -- the other phrase that cracks me up is when they say, "easily arousable."

hehehe. His never wakes me up. I don't know why people complain about the noise ... or maybe I'm just dead tired after the baby I only wake up to his cries.

oh just ehu. said...

What's an "arousal index"? Is that like a 'marriage term'?

YUMMYYUMYUM CHOCOLATE!! That's my favorite EVERY day!

stewbert said...

LOL. NO, it's a medical term. It's how many times he wakes up (arouses) each hour during the night. Everyone wakes up to some extent every hour through the night. His original score was 25, but the neurologist said that was misleading because they only got one hour on that test. It's down to 3.8; normal is under 5.