Monday, January 18, 2010

"I hope you're having a girl..."

"because baby boys pee everywhere too much." -- Kiddo

Yeah ... not so much. A lot of baby boys do pee every time (or nearly every time) you change their bottoms. Little Mister, aside from a few good aims when he was tiny, doesn't really pee everywhere, though one of those good aims did hit her. Kiddo flooded much more often as a baby. The good news is she is back to helping me by changing wet diapers here and there. Yay.

I've been sick (again) and woke up yesterday really dizzy. I almost tipped over three times between my bed and the potty, about 7 feet apart. Yeah, we didn't go to church and I spent most of the day in bed. I'm finally feeling a lot better from that and the virus that has been kicking my butt lately, to the point I got dressed and put on mascara and eyebrow pencil this morning! Kiddo then asked where we were going. I guess I've been living in my PJs too much.

I have been craving salt like crazy lately. I made Simple Sesame Noodles for lunch yesterday and between that and "soy pork" (I just chopped up pork into bite sized pieces, coated them in a lot of soy sauce, and cooked until they were done and the soy was slightly sticky), I am no longer craving salt. Awesome.

Except now I want cinnamon rolls. I hear these are the best, but when I'm finally feeling like making them, I will make the icing a bit differently, i.e., no coffee and vanilla instead of maple flavoring.

I have been working on my crafting goals and will update at the end of the month.

Off to change a poopy butt. Kiddo won't change those.


Kristina P. said...

I wish I could eat at your house.

evitafjord said...

Why no maple? I really need to get off my butt and finally make them too - I even have the maple now.

Do you have a preference for the next one? If I had another one, my whole family (the one I was born with - parents, sibs, extended from there) would root for a boy because then I would match my mom's pattern. I would want another girl. I'm too tired to have another boy.

stewbert said...

lol @ Kristina. I've had some major FAILS lately. I just don't post about those. ;)

Yes. Boy. Because Little Mister needs a buddy to play sports with. I'd also be matching my mom's pattern, if we count Small Fry though she's not mine by birth. Then the next one can be a girl and I can be done. lol

The Boob Nazi said...

Now I'm hungry.