Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Year of Projects

So, since I always get myself all twisted up in December because I'm trying to do so many projects, I'm going to try and spread them out this year. One a month, every month. I could probably do more if I wasn't pregnant/having a new baby or working, but I am and I do, so I'm not looking to do anything terribly huge.

After Christmas, I'm going to make a few pairs of footed PJ bottoms for Little Mister. He won't leave socks or shoes on but his feet get cold at night and sometimes we leave early in the morning to take Kiddo to school, so he needs more of these.

January will be focused on finishing a few projects still sitting here. Like my 2 remaining "pay it forwards" since they're due in February, and the winners from the fitness challenge I did (which should have been done a LONG time ago!) and a skirt for kiddo (though honestly I'd love to finish the skirt this weekend and give it to her for Christmas this year, too).

February will be finishing our wedding quilt. Blast it all. It's hand quilted and I really don't have that much left to do! Just the borders and then bind it. FOCUS, Stewie, FOCUS.

March will be a quilt for the baby. It's plotted out, and I'll be using this tutorial, just need to know whether we're having blue or pink before I buy fabric for it or start it, and we should find out sometime in February. (I actually love V from V and Co., just got overwhelmed yesterday with how slacking I've been this Christmas season. Not that I want to be Martha Stewart, but I even haven't baked a single thing! And I'm a baker!! I'm feeling better now).

Stockings. We'll need 6 next year. I'd like them all to be slightly different in look, though will use the same pattern for them. I'll start searching for fabric and notions on sale after the holidays, when they're super cheap, and I'll make one every month. That's 6 months of projects down: April through September. Wahoo. Yes, I know the baby is due in the middle of that, but hey, if they go well maybe I'll have them all done by May and can take a few months off. hahahahahaha.

October: A quilt for the husband. It's for his birthday in the beginning of November. The quilt a member gave him on his mission is falling to pieces and he *really* needs a new one. It will probably not be super hard to put together either and will not be hand quilted. I will probably never hand quilt another quilt again. I might even make a "cheat" quilt (preprinted top, not pieced). Then all we have to do is tie it (or have someone machine quilt it) and bind it. But probably not.

November: I have Japan-boy and his family for Christmas next year. I don't know where they'll be living or what I'm doing yet, but I will do something for them that they'll appreciate, though I can't post pictures or plans or ideas or anything because he sometimes reads my blog!

December: Ornaments. I like to give my kids (and parental units) handmade ornaments for Christmas, though failed this year. I have an idea in place already, so I just need to go for it. Again, I'm looking for fabrics after the holidays this year so I can score cheap stuff. And I'll be baking some in December, too.

So that's the plan. Hope it pans out.

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musicmom said...

WOW!!! You are ambitious. I am impressed. I don't plan past tomorrow usually. :0) HOpe it all works out for you.