Thursday, January 7, 2010

Just a tad emotional

We had a really scary night last night. Little Mister went to bed on time but woke up with another nightmare. I got him calmed down and he asked for a peanut butter M&M from the bag I had out. I gave him one.

He started crying again and choked on it.

In what seemed like forever but was probably only 30 seconds at most, I administered back blows, abdominal thrusts, tried to sweep it out with my finger, more back blows, and finally when I tried a second sweep, it was warm and melted enough it smashed and his airway was open. I was crying and screamed, "Breathe baby!" Kiddo heard me though she'd been sound asleep, came running to see what was up, and I asked her to grab a cloth diaper because I knew he was going to puke. He did, and apparently I scratched him during the episode. I won't get too descriptive.

Had he not started breathing or had I not been able to clear his airway, I would have had her call 911 immediately.

I relived it over and over last night, though he settled about 30 minutes later and watched a basketball game for a while. Didn't sleep much and have been crying off and on all day, snuggling him whenever he'll let me, kissing him lots. He's been alternately very clingy and not wanting me out of his sight, and very independent and wanting to play.

So as a public service announcement, if you have children of any age in your care, please review this first aid for choking article. This particular article is for children 1 to 5, but on the right side of the page, there are links for infants and older children. I wished I'd read it before. While I did the correct things, I didn't do them entirely correctly and maybe could have avoided scratching his throat had I been more prepared.

I am hoping to find a CPR class locally and get certified. I sent the link to the husband to read, and will have Kiddo look over it as well.

And for the foreseeable future, M&Ms and other candies are entirely off limits. Sorry kid. Sorry Gramma; don't give him anything. He'll have to make do with dairy free ice cream made from coconut milk until he's 30.


Kimbooly said...

Congratulations, btw, on your new pregnancy!

On the other hand, how terribly scary to have your little one choke. Jeffrey choked on his own saliva about 1 month old and my mom did the back blows, etc, and saved his life.

She later saved Nathan's life when he was about 3 and picked up one of his brothers' life savers and tried to eat it, 'swallowing' it whole so it got stuck in his throat--we always break up life savers now.

Others to watch out for, if not cut up, are grapes or hot dog pieces. They are perfect choking sizes, and so is popcorn. But peanut M&Ms? That is news to me!

I'm so glad your little one is safe and ok.

The Boob Nazi said...

How scary! Aspiration is terrifying. I'm glad you got it out safely!

Kristina P. said...

SO scary! It sounds like you did the right things.

I am CPR certified. We have to be for our job.

stewbert said...

Kim, I always cut up grapes when he wants them. Apples, too. He doesn't like hot dogs, but I cut them up when we tried them. Actually, I cut up almost everything into small bites before feeding him... The peanut BUTTER M&M smashed easily once it was warm inside his throat. A peanut M&M could easily have killed him -- peanuts are choking hazards, too. I am freakishly paranoid about him choking -- he choked a lot on his own saliva and spit up when he was tiny and couldn't clear it, and I often had to sit him up and lean him forward so it would come out. Like once or twice a day, sometimes more. It's why he ended up sleeping with me because I needed to be *right there* to help him. I don't give him things other people think are okay (like carrots) but he'd eaten the M&Ms before without a problem, so I didn't think twice.

BN and KP, it was the absolute scariest experience of my life, which is definitely saying something. I'm finally a tad better tonight.

Thanks for the sympathy!

musicmom said...

Holy smokes girl!!!! one scary thing after another. I have never been CPR certified until this month. I so wish I had done so earlier. I am glad you were as prepared as you were!

You have every reason to be emotional. Glad your little one is ok. Don't be too hard on yourself. Kids any age can choke on just about anything--I always would cut my kids stuff into little pieces, but they would grab a handful and stuff their mouths full, thus choking on stuff. UGGH!! But we live and learn, don't be too hard on yourself or your kids. You are an awesome mom. Glad you were prepared!

NG said...

OMG. This is belated because I've been off the interweb for a few days, but SO glad everything is okay and you were able to act so quickly! We had a similar scare a few years ago with an ice cube, so let's just say ice cubes are off our list too.

stewbert said...

Thanks for the love, ladies. NG, we don't do ice cubes either, though he always wants to fish them out of our drinks. Kids!