Monday, January 11, 2010

Worst Cooks in America

Yes, it's late at night and I'm watching Food Network again.

Just watching this show gave me heartburn. Srsly.

In this show, people compete for a chance to win $25,000. Oh, and they get to learn how to cook from two master chefs. The twist is that whoever wins the competition has to pass as one of the two master chefs and prepare a meal for actual judges to try, passing off the food as the master chefs themselves.

Most of them were nominated by family, though some nominated themselves. The show started last week and started with 24 people, who each had to prepare their *best* dish for the chefs who would be their teachers. The chefs each got to choose a team ... for the other chef. Naturally, they chose the worst of the worst. Twelve were eliminated because they weren't as bad as the rest. Wow. Then, after one lesson with the chefs, two more were eliminated.

I'll admit I didn't pay much attention to tonight's show; Little Mister had another nightmare and I was busy soothing, rocking, cuddling, nursing (still!), etc.

But one part restored my faith in humanity: Even one of the worst cooks in America knew she couldn't serve food to anyone else after she'd nicked her finger and bled on her food, and told her teaching chef what happened and not to eat any of it. (The chef took a bite anyway so she could critique the student.)

Chef Barbara must have missed that lesson in junior high home ec or something.


Kristina P. said...


Yeah, I have it recorded. I did see that episode of Chopped. It was gross.

stewbert said...

Yes, yes it was! ewww.

The Boob Nazi said...

It's funny how people would want to be on that show!

stewbert said...

I know! Thought most of the ones who nominated themselves did so for their families' and loved ones' benefit. Kids begging moms to learn how to cook, kids/partners/spouses not eating what the person cooks ... just sad.