Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I love being clumsy

So, tonight I cut the bottom of my foot with a razor. I know, brilliant, right?

The razor was in the bathtub where Little Mister could get to it yesterday when Kiddo put him in there so she could blow bubbles for him without getting the floors sticky or gross. He tried to get the razor but she moved it and was very proud of herself over keeping him safe.

Until tonight, when I yelled.

I went in the bathroom to run Little Mister's bath. With that gargantuan belly, I couldn't see anything on the floor. I stepped on something, felt a sharp pain in my foot, looked down and found my razor.

She'd put it blade up on the floor right next to the shower.

She apologized profusely and ran around trying to find a bandage. I found one and bandaged it up, but it's been 4 hours and I just stepped wrong while cleaning the kitchen and it opened again. Owie.

I just realized that I get to go to lunch tomorrow with DisGrace, who may or may not have broken her foot yesterday with a similarly clumsy maneuver in her garage. She is seeing hte doc on Friday. But hey, we can gimp around together! Sweet!


The Boob Nazi said...


Kristina P. said...


kadyb said...

You both need to do something to improve your karma for 2010. Maybe Aunt J should realign your chakras. Seriously.

wv: tortisp - Watch where you're stepping or you'll be walking like a tortisp.

stewbert said...

both meaning DisGrace and I? probably.

kadyb said...

Well, yeah. You and DisGrace.