Wednesday, January 6, 2010


So ... having toddlers with picky appetites means sometimes they get an unconventional lunch.

The husband and I had tuna melts on French bread (so, so good), but Little Mister doesn't like bread. He does usually like tuna with rice or pasta, so I mixed some into some leftover rice and he ate two bites. Then he took a nap.

When he got up, we got Kiddo from the bus and hit the clubhouse gym for a few minutes, then came home. He went straight to the giant tin of individually wrapped chocolate chips cookies that his grandmother gave him for Christmas. (Not my mom, mind you. She believes kids need more than just sugar to survive, and his other grandmother likes to make my kids hyper.) He was saying, "Cookie," in his adorable little toddler way, so yes, I am a sucker and let him have one.

It was followed by another request for another cookie. We tried a cracker instead, which was met with a sour face and throwing it on the ground.

"How about a banana?"

Now, he can't say "banana" yet, but he definitely knows what they are and made a beeline for them. He ate the whole thing.

Dinner is hot wings and celery with blue cheese dressing per the husband's request. He loved the Boeuf Bourguignon I made on New Year's Eve, but missed our traditional wing fest. Guess it's not a new tradition after all. At any rate, I'd better come up with something else for Little Mister and his sister to eat though, because neither of them will touch that.

Maybe I'll let them have ice cream.