Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday is a special day

It's the day we clean up puuuuuke.

And that's my day!

Little Mister has really been quite pleasant in between episodes. It's actually been a fairly stressful week, which is why I haven't been around so much. Financial problems, sick toddler who won't let me do anything without him being held by me, sciatic nerve all pinched off ... I'm feeling a tad better today and started working on some things that really need to get done. So far today, in addition to cleaning up messes and starting various loads of laundry, I've been able to:

1. Hem a fleece blanket for Little Mister. Remember that car fabric remnant Steph? Yeah, it's been sitting in a closet for quite a while. I pulled it out this week and he immediately started hugging it and playing with it. Since I finished it, he's been running around with it tied around his shoulders. So cute.
2. Finished 6 prefold diapers to go to an orphanage in Haiti, through a gal I know on a sewing website (actually, the same sewing website I used to be on but left for a long time. I went back). For more info on the diaper project, go here. These are upcycled from a sheet set.
3. I fixed a nighttime diaper cover for the boy.
4. I started on a bag for my mom.

Hoping to get the bag done and a couple of daytime diapers done, and maybe lip gloss holders for the other participants in the fitness challenge.

We've been in disposable diapers since October when he outgrew what I had done for him and I got pregnant, but we really can't afford sposies for one kid, let alone two, and I have all these diaper making supplies already here and paid for, so I'm getting back into making them. Found a couple of easy, fast, and free patterns that will help them go faster, too, so that's awesome.

I've gotten some other projects done this month, though don't have pictures of all of them. I did get the skirt done for kiddo and my remaining two pay it forwards, a "practice" bag which I decided to keep because it's sort of messed up (and now I need to go buy more fabric to do it again), plus a pair of footed PJ bottoms for Little Mister. The only pic I have of any of that is this one of a set of juggling balls and a matching bag.

I'm on target for my goals, so that's a plus.


The Boob Nazi said...

Way to be productive! I haven't done ANYTHING in like, four days.

SRA said...

Nice! Love the juggling set.

kadyb said...

Maybe I'm not remembering right, but I think you've been cleaning up puuuukkke for several days. Sorry - hope he's feeling better soon!

stewbert said...

thanks! I like the juggling balls, too. Made a bunch for my nephew for Christmas and some for Little Mister. He throws them AT people.

Um, two days. Thinking it might be an ear infection.