Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Fave Five!

Before I get to that, there is seriously something wrong with me. Stress makes me clumsier, more forgetful, and just generally a PITA.

I posted about cutting my foot two nights ago, then Little Mister's trauma ... I burned myself pulling a pan of muffins out of the oven that same night before the choking episode. Last night, I put a steak into a skillet that had been on too high and the very hot olive oil splashed all over my face and chest. I have some pretty bad burns near my left eye and one on my chest. I also cut my finger open earlier in the day (not sure how) and got ONION juice in it while making dinner. Yeah ... I think I should wrap myself in bubble wrap and not go anywhere or cook anything for a while.

On to more positive notes:
1. SO thankful that Little Mister is okay, still smiling and playful and cheerful and loving. He's such a wonderful little boy and I'm so thankful to have him safe and sound. He didn't eat much solid food yesterday besides scrambled eggs for breakfast and I did give him some pudding later (not looking forward to that diaper), but he drank a lot of juice and ate some coconut milk ice cream and went to bed just fine. I sort of know how he feels because I had a procedure about 4 years ago that scratched the dickens out of my throat and I didn't want to eat or talk for a week or two after. Hopefully he heals more quickly. I've been saying lots of "thank you!" prayers since.

2. Spending some time with DisGrace and her kids yesterday. We had lunch at McD's and then watched a movie in the clubhouse theater between her kids' appointments, all in this end of the valley, so it would have been a waste for her to go home 30 minutes away and then come back. The kids had fun, Little Mister took a "yittle" nap after chasing the cousins around and jumping on a slide, and I got to have a bit of down time and rest a bit. It helped my emotional state a lot.

3. The love and support from my family and friends (including my bloggy friends). As I said in a comment below, this was the single most frightening experience of my life, even including the night I left my ex when a gun was involved. Or when Kiddo had tubes put in her ears under general anesthesia and the procedure took a bit longer than it should have. Or any of the car accidents I've been in. This was a LOT worse. Being able to talk about it and have loved ones offer encouragement and virtual hugs (and a few real hugs from the husband) has really helped me out. So thank you.

4. My internet was out a lot over the last week, but my boss was understanding when I talked to her Tuesday. I have been very weepy since it crashed the first time Saturday night, and I cried on the phone with her. She recommended I get some rest and cry in the shower when I need to so it doesn't make my husband crazy-er. Good advice, since he gets really upset when I cry.

5. Our refi looks like it's going to go through without a problem. The bank called today and said it's "conditionally approved" and then told me what the conditions were, which is just formalities of paperwork I need to get back ASAP. I don't think they'll be a problem. Means we won't lose our house and we can get caught up on some things and pay for the husband's green card/permanent resident renewal, which is a very good thing.


The Boob Nazi said...

Ouch! I'm sorry you're hurting yourself. STOP. haha

steph k said...

oo! I'm glad you're going to get the refi finally! I had been wondering. :)

kadyb said...

#5 should reduce your stress. Then maybe you can stop hurting yourself? Take some time off and go get a massage. :) ((((Hugs))))

musicmom said...

man oh man esther!! What a month. Glad some things are coming together for you and your family. Deep breaths, and take time for yourself occasionally (yeah, I know, kind of hypocritical for me to say --occasionally I try to find time for me. :) But good advice nonetheless. I consider you one of my best bloggy friends. Glad we can help you out occasionally.