Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dental Work

So, when I'm pregnant I have a MUCH harder time brushing twice a day (though usually manage at least mornings) and flossing ... ever ... serious gag factor. I've been trying to get in for a cleaning for a month because I know just how bad off my teeth are, but we've been sick a lot so I've had to reschedule.

Each time I've rescheduled, the husband has done a little celebratory dance.

The husband didn't grow up in a home where dental hygiene was important, so the first few times I dragged him (kicking and screaming) to the dentist were torture. He had to have a root canal in the first 6 months of our marriage; you would think that would make him understand how important regular cleanings are! My husband will not go to the dentist without me anymore and will only go WITH me these days because he has to watch our son, even though his cleanings are only 30 minutes!

At any rate, the hygienist told me he has very strong teeth and didn't have any cavities, though his gums are a wreck and he needs to take better care of the gums so he can keep his teeth. He figures he'll be like his dad: Late 60s, half his teeth rotting out of his head, abscesses ... I told him no, he was MY husband and I expected some cooperation out of him so he can stay in good health longer. He finally agreed -- we'll see if he follows through or was just agreeing to get me off his back.

I, on the other hand, have three cavities and have to get them filled on Monday. Not looking forward to it, but I guess I'll put my big girl panties on and show the husband how it's done.


The Boob Nazi said...

I don't mind the dentist! You people are crazy!

stewbert said...

I don't mind cleanings. Fillings, OTOH, are painful. I have an extra nerve in my jaw that makes it extremely difficult to get me numb enough. And with the pregnancy ... I don't want them to just keep using more, like they usually do! hehe

The Boob Nazi said...

Where have you been?!?

NG said...

THANK YOU for being the one person I've found who gets that "gag factor while pregnant" thing. Mine has never gone away since my 3rd pregnancy and my husband thinks I'm making it up.