Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Fave Five!

1. Unexpected blessings... Not going to get into too many details, but we've had some huge blessings lately that have reminded me just how much the Lord is aware of us and our needs and will provide a way for us when we ask, and not in a way we think will happen. I know things in the world are really horrible these days (like in Haiti), but I also do know God loves his children more than we can even imagine.

2. Kiddo and Little Mister actually LIKING each other. He looks for her when he wakes up in the mornings (though often lately he's gotten up after she's gone to school), and she takes good care of him when I need her to after school and on weekends. They just adore each other, which was also semi-unexpected. I thought she'd be a lot more jealous, and she was for a while, but she's adjusted quite well. They do have their moments, but mostly they're great together.

3. Little Mister's little pats on my face or back. He's such a sweet boy most of the time.

4. Kiddo pitching in at dinnertime lately. With the other three of us sick, she's learned how to make boxed mac and cheese for herself, something that always freaked her out before because it involved draining the pasta, which she wouldn't even do when she made spaghetti. But she had to drain the pasta the other night because Little Mister and Daddy and I were all asleep because we're sick, and she was so proud of herself. May not be gourmet cooking, but it's food!

5. A healthy pregnancy so far. A family in our ward had a stillborn baby girl on Monday and it's brought back a lot of sad memories from when my nephew was stillborn. And it's made me very, very thankful for my blessings. Very sad for them, very thankful for this baby even though I've been a grump about it, and I'm trying to have a better attitude again.


The Boob Nazi said...

I'm glad she can make mac n cheese! That's a big part of my repertoire haha.

SRA said...

Excellent all around.