Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Work was short lived last night.

Little Mister woke up shrieking.

A couple hours later, he was still awake and started puking.

yeahhhhhhhh ... he's still sick tonight, though he is sleeping now.

I should try typing.


Prism said...

:( Poor guy. I always feel so bad for little kids who get sick. I know how miserable I feel when I am, yet I at least understand what is going on.

To not understand or be able to adequately communicate how you're feeling -- :(

Course, I guess puking communicates fairly well.

Sure hope he gets feeling better.

musicmom said...

Man, so sorry. Especially since you have to deal with it being pregnant. Hope he better soon.

Kipluck said...

Awwww... poor Little Mister. And Poor YOU. You have to do the whole MOM thing, cleaning up throw up and being okay with it. Bleh.