Thursday, December 31, 2009


January: I made the baby laugh a lot.
February: Kiddo made Miss Price out of a 7-up bottle for school, and I finished the afghan I started for the husband right after we got married.

March: I made a last-minute Indian costume for kiddo.
April: I joined a stash game on the online sewing circle I was in back in April. Using things only from my stash, I made diapers, wipes, bags, chapstick holders, and crayon rollups plus a crochet hook rollup for DisGrace. these are just the crayon rollups. And I used a TON of my fabric, plus got Little Mister into cloth diapers. I was happy.

May: I learned to knit.
June: I sent knitted dishcloths to Japan boy.
And took pictures at the Springville Art Museum after our family reunion.
July: I finished an afghan for my newest niece. And dealt with hubby's worst bipolar crash to date.
August: I took pictures of a dragonfly in our tree.
September: Finished Izzy's quilt for her first birthday, made mostly out of her infant clothes. commissioned by her folks.
October: Found out I'm preggers. And quit using cloth diapers.
November: Made candy jars with Kiddo for her school's Christmas store. She sold them all and got a nice little check.
December: Made a hood for my niece who just left on her mission. She was so happy with how it turned out, she asked me to hem her skirts (5 of them) before she left.
And we made a quilt for my stepdaughter. And she loves it.


Kristina P. said...

You have had a crafty year!

The Boob Nazi said...

That Indian costume is totally cute.

kadyb said...

How fun! But you left out all of the drama!! ('S OK, just sayin')

stewbert said...

Thanks BNzi!

Mom, I did mention the bipolar crash. That one month was plenty of drama. lol.

musicmom said...

Way to craft!!! Looks like you had a great year!