Monday, December 28, 2009


My niece is going on a mission. Wednesday. She came by to say goodbye tonight (and pick up her skirts that she'd asked me to hem). Little Mister said hi, then "my-my" (bye-bye), and gave her a love. And I didn't cry.

I didn't even cry when she got her call. Or at her farewell. Or when I saw her on Saturday at the family Christmas get together.

But I want to now. I've known her since she was like ... 4. She's really DisGrace's husband's sister's daughter, so not "really" my niece. But she is. She calls my folks gramma and grampa, and I lived with her and her mom for a month or so when I moved back to Utah before I had a place to stay. I was actually living with my brother's wife, but he was on leave from the military and they needed alone time, so off to the other in-laws. Anyway. She was in high school and playing basketball and was such a good kid ... still is. That was 7 years ago! When Kiddo was a 3-year-old terror.

And now she's leaving! And I won't see her forever! Okay, 18 months isn't that long, but when she gets home, Little Mister will be a 3-year-old terror, and this baby will be ONE. And it's not even borned yet!

*sob* I'm gonna miss her.

But y'know ... we'll all be okay. She'll be off serving the Lord, and our family will just keep growing and be here when she gets back. When she got here, Little Mister followed me down the stairs, but the tile in the entry was so cold, he wouldn't put his feet on it. so flipping funny. And I felt Thumper move tonight -- I think that's the new baby's nickname. We've been thinking about it a lot, and really, that movement felt like a thump. So Thumper it is. Can't wait for Thumper to thump Little Mister from inside my belly. Bwahaha.

*edit: thanks MB.

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MamaBear said...

i think #1 son was "thumper," too; it's a good name.

miss niece is DisGrace's husband's sister's DAUGHTER, i think you meant. :D

luv u.