Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas = Awesome

So, Wednesday after my "men" rant, someone dropped off a little tree at our door, loaded with gift cards to various stores and restaurants, and a visa gift card, too. I started crying. Sure, we had Christmas covered, but we know January is always tough for us because the husband and I are both out of work the last two weekends in December for the holidays: His job shuts down for both of them, though is open between, and mine ... we just don't usually have much work around any holidays. So this came as a very welcome gift, indeed. I obviously don't know who did it, but I am thankful. And I haven't been able to pay it forward as much this year, though this does give me new incentive to try harder again next year.

Anyway. The Husband wanted to open his presents around 1:30 this morning. I said no, he had to wait just like the kids. haha. Kiddo actually obeyed me and didn't come out of her room until she heard Little Mister this morning, which means I got to sleep until 7. Awesome.

The husband LOVED his new phone and gaming stuff, most of which I put in his stocking (he had enough stuff I did separate stockings). Kidlet LOVED the earrings (thank heaven, after the hassle!) and all her other stuff, which was quite gratifying. Little Mister walked out of the bedroom this morning into the living room and said, "WOW!" several times. He loved his presents, too, though his favorite part were the Clementines, which he threw all over the house for hours until he made orange juice when he chucked one really hard into the wall. lol.

And really, that was a wonderful gift for ME, that all my efforts at home were well appreciated.

Then I logged into Myspace and Small Fry's status said, "I like my blanky."

Totally made my day, especially after we had a bit of drama this week with her gramma. *rolls eyes*

Kiddo bought me some hair clips at the Christmas store at school, which I can totally use, the chopsticks from Japan Boy are awesome (planning an Asian dinner soon so we can all use them), and we all got to watch movies together. The movie box went over well -- I made everyone eat breakfast first (very simple, eggs and toast), then we unloaded the junk food box and watched G-Force. Then Kiddo got to watch her Tinkerbell movie while I napped with Little Mister and the husband played video games, called my folks (glad you liked your gift Mom!), and then we took dinner to the in-laws. We took ham and green bean casserole (my FIL's favorite) and treats. They sent home more treats after stuffing us silly with Tongan food (lupulu, taro, yams, crab, etc.) and mashed potatoes for my picky stinker kids. After we got home, the kids started Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (though Little Mister had to go to bed before any creepy parts), and then the husband, Kidlet, and I finished it up. Now the children and husband are sleeping, and I'm getting ready to log into work to see if I have any. If not, I'll be watching Julie and Julia, working on my niece's skirts some more, and checking in with work every 30 minutes.

OH, and while we were at the in-laws, my MIL asked about American Christmas traditions. "What are the socks for?" It had never occurred to me really that they didn't do things the American way -- the husband said they don't usually do a tree or put out presents and stuff, but I guess I never really thought about what that meant. So I explained the stockings a bit and presents and Santa Claus (and it's a darn good thing Kidlet knows who Santa really is because MIL was really particular about that), and then invited them over NEXT Christmas so they can see what it's about.

I'm already plotting stockings for MIL and FIL, and maybe my BILs. Obviously we won't spend as much on them as we will on our children, but I think it'll be a fun surprise anyway. I intend to start shopping for things soon, during sales throughout the year.

I hope each of you had wonderful days like we did. (and oh noes, I just remembered I didn't get our traditional ornaments put in the stockings and I have no idea where they are! Blast!)

p.s. Kiddo wrote the cutest letter to Santa.

Dear Santa,

[Little Mister] wants a ball, a toy car, and a sit'n'spin. I want a Ipod, a Wii, a DSI, a PSI, and a keyboard. How is your son, Willy, and how is Mrs. Claus? How are the elves? How are the Deer doin'!? Rudolph gets 2 carrots and the rest get 1. Your Hot chocolate might be cold, so Heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Okay?

[Kidlet and Little Mister]

P.S. Sorry, No carrots
P.P.S. No Hot chocolate


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Kimbooly said...

Are you really pregnant? Is that ticker part of your blog, not an add for pregnancy tickers?

If so, congratulations and good luck! Now that I'm down to my last two weeks, I'm getting excited to see this new little one and hold him and love him and know that he is one of mine.