Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Fave Five

1. Dreaming about an icy cold glass of Sprite and actually being able to drink it and keep it down. Oh yeah, I'm sick again. little mister had the stomach flu for 3 days this week and graciously shared with me and the husband.

2. Having a 10-year-old willing to stay home and help clean and tend her brother so Mom and Dad could sleep it off. (the stomach flu, nothing else). At least, she was willing until she realized it was WORK. But she stuck it out. She didn't have a choice. bwahahaha. BUT she helped a lot, making me toast, bringing me water, bringing me anything I asked for, taking care of the little one, even attempted to change his butt once, and did ALL the dishes in the kitchen and washed out the sinks (under threat of torture -- me breathing on her). And she drew me a beautiful flower with a little note to "Get Better, Momma!!". Cute.

3. Having kleenex, ginger ale, sprite, saltines, and bread for toast, plus other necessities for sick people on hand. Yay. No one had to rush out and get anything or bring anything to us, so we are quarantined. Hoping we're all better tomorrow so we can see my sibs and their fams. Plus, I made good dinners the last two days before I got sick, so there are leftovers for anyone who wants to eat them. The husband didn't even have to ask, he knew where they were and heated up his own food when he was feeling up to eating.

4. Being mostly caught up with bedding and towels *before* the bug hit, keeping up while the baby was sick, and being able to let it go while I've been sick. I'll start again tomorrow.

5. Blankets and space heaters. They've chased away the flu-induced chills. Kiddo also went to the dark garage and found the space heater for daddy so he could get warm. And the best blankie for me is the nap comfy, which now needs to go in the wash because the baby urped on it. Hm. Maybe I'll do that tonight. Right now even, so I can have it again tomorrow!

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