Thursday, December 17, 2009

A quilt for Small Fry

It's just the top. Going to tie it today and hopefully get it bound tonight after work so I can ship it tomorrow. Love it though. Might make another'n for us. Different fabrics though. I'm not such a tomboy. My husband would like it if I'd finish our wedding quilt though, so we'll see.

Overstock also emailed me yesterday. They really had lost my package, so they're sending a new one and it should ship today or tomorrow with 2-day shipping. Which means the earrings should be here for Christmas. Yahoo!


The Boob Nazi said...

It's doing weird things to my eyes. Like, I don't even know. But it's cute! I want a cute quilt for my couch.

musicmom said...

Cute cute!! I never was one for pinks either, I like the mix of the blacks.

stewbert said...

thank you!!