Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Christmas!

I know I said I wouldn't be around much, but wow ... no work and kids asleep and random stuff happening ... I'm here again.

So, the husband and I talked about the knitting needles. He came home with roses and let me sleep in (I didn't even hear him come in the house, and the garage usually wakes me), and we decided to hold off on them. I love the roses (plus he stuck a sappy love note on the vase) and really, my personal training for the year was supposed to be my Christmas present anyway, so I'm good.

I think he's going to like his Christmas. He's a gamer, so most of it is gaming related. BUT, I called Tuesday to cancel his cell phone because he never uses it and they said, "Oh, well, we can drop your minutes a little bit, save you $20, and then you can still use it as a backup ..." So, since cutting it off was only going to save us $20 and we don't have a land line and we never use all our minutes, I'm far more comfortable keeping it active, especially so Kidlet has a way to call me if I'm late or whatever. But we had to get a new phone because Little Mister ate the husband's. Plus, the husband hated the old phone and wanted something "cooler." So, they got me a free phone, waived the activation fee, and shipped it free overnight. It is charged, activated, and turned on, and about to go in his stocking. Kidlet is going to call him in the morning. bwahahaha.


Kristina P. said...

I am wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

kadyb said...

I guess, if Little Mister could actually eat the phone, having only 3 or 4 teeth isn't slowing him down any. That, or your DH desperately NEEDED a new phone.

stewbert said...

Thanks Kristina!

He has 5 teeth now, mom. And I guess he didn't EAT it; he just drooled all over it and it died.