Friday, December 4, 2009

Cutest EVER

Whenever Little Mister hears the garage open, he runs to the gate at the top of the stairs and waits. When the person in question appears on the landing, he yells, "HEY!" at the top of his voice.

Even if it was Kiddo just going downstairs to get something out of the garage, which has all burned out light bulbs so she opens the door for light, so he saw her 10 seconds ago.

Cracks me up every time.

He also said Hey! to people at church on Sunday and people at the store yesterday. Before I got sick with his tummy bug, we ran to two stores for a couple of necessities. Hopefully whoever used my carts after me cleaned them up before touching! Anyway. He charmed all the strangers at the store, who grinned and said hi back, but kept their distance (thankfully). He has zero stranger anxiety anymore, which is kind of worrisome. We have to keep a close eye on the little man. *sigh*


Kristina P. said...

He sounds perfectly adorable!

The Boob Nazi said...

Aww, that is cute.