Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ten Things That Make Me Happy!

Thanks for the tag Kaje. In no particular order ...

10. Feeling my baby kick me.

9. Hugs from my kiddo.

8. Being able to still reach my toes and paint them.

7. Hugs from my hubby. Our relationship is usually pretty good, and I'm glad I have him ... most of the time. ;)

6. LAMICTAL. (See #7).

5. Reading -- ditto Kaje.

4. Lemon bars and fruit flavored candy apparently. At least this week. Don't get between a pregnant lady and her cravings, dude.

3. The Gospel, scriptures, prayer, etc. I'm not always as active or anything as I should be, but ... I'm trying.

2. Palmer's cocoa butter lotion on my belly. Holy cow, stops the itchies.

1. Flavored lip gloss. Yum.

My friends also make me happy and remind me that life doesn't suck too much. Even when I think it does. Thanks.

I tag... Kip, Ehu, and Dawn


evitafjord said...


Sorry about the house :-(

Oh just Ehu. said...

Done. Took me forever....and then I added 3 more.

Kipluck said...

Wow... ummm... missed this? hee hee!