Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

It's belated ... I wasn't up to posting yesterday.

Let's see ... hubby brought me roses and a journal and some nilla cakesters Saturday night. I do journal, although blogging does tkae up its fair share of my journaling these days. The flowers are gorgeous, and the cakesters were because he ate most of the other box I bought. lol.

Kiddo woke up at 2:20 a.m. to give me her gift. It was a pen with a rose attached to it, a magenetic notebook they'd made in school (the kids drew a picture and then the teachers xeroxed the photo on different colored paper and had them bound into a notebook) that says "it's a boy it's a boy" and "i wuv you". There was a note inside that said, among other things, "my mom's favorite thing to do is 'cooking'." It was all wrapped up in a white bag that she'd drawn little brown baby boys and baby bottles on one side, and a hugely pregnant me holding kiddo's hand next to a crib on the other side. Too cute.
We had dinner with my in-laws and took cards for MIL and dessert. I'm the dessert lady apparently -- my SIL is usually working when we go over, but she always tells her parents to save her some of whatever dessert I make. lol. My MIL gave me a muumuu for mother's day that she had made for me ... it is quite comfy and cool in the heat -- I put it on as soon as we got home last night and only took it off when I was ready for bed. Put it back on first thing this morning. lol. Hubby was all happy I'm wearing it, kiddo laughed and said, "you sure like that thing." lol.
Baby has been kicking up a storm the last few days ... he's got to be running out of room soon though ... hurts when the little booger hits my cervix or bladder. the rest of it i don't mind at all.

Happy Mother's Day to all my mommy readers -- even if you don't have kids yet. :)

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