Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy 300th post!

Wow ... I talk a lot.


1. Tylenol.

2. Puffs Plus, the best tissues EVER.

3. Running into old friends randomly at the grocery store.

4. Having a Polynesian hubby who can show kiddo how to drape herself in wild prints so she looks like she's wearing a Hawaiian dress. (she is wearing shorts and a T-shirt underneath)

5. Rocky Road ice cream. *shiver*

After dropping off kiddo (crap, should've snapped a photo in her "Hawaiian" clothes), I went to macey's for a few things -- had to fax something (the last page of which I found when I got home. *bad word) and am out of Tylenol and there are days it is the only thing that keeps me functional with these stupid headaches, and I got some more yogurt since I like that apparently ... Oh, and tissues -- my nose is running all the time and we keep running out of Puffs Plus and everything else makes my nose hurt. ANYWAY. On my way out of the store, my friend ... we'll call her Eagar ... was on her way IN the store with her 3 younger kids (she has 5). She was my neighbor and one of my bestest friends through junior high and most of high school, even though we went to rival schools. We are only 2 months apart and her oldest is the same age as Kiddo. My other best friend from right out of high school (Day) is also our same age and has 5 kids, oldest the same age as Kiddo, and their youngest babies are the same age. They don't know each other.

So, I stopped to chat for a minute or two, she said my belly is cute, i told her i feel like a whale, so we talked about how rude people can be when you're pregnant. Like ... our Stake RS presidency is mostly in my ward, and I love them all to pieces, but they were giving me so much crap on Sunday about my waddling and if we're really sure there's only one baby in there ... I smiled politely until I was done listening, kept smiling and told them they are lucky I love them all so much. One said, "If we were other people, would you be slapping us by now?" "Yes." With a big smile on my face. lol. So, I caught up with Eagar a bit -- we've chatted on the phone a few times this year, but really haven't seen or talked to her much since high school ... Really hoping both Eagar and Day can come to the baby shower.

Anyway, as soon as I got in the car, the first thing that came to mind was, "I'm so glad I showered this morning." I don't always get one due to fatigue or busy-ness, and yes, I know that's gross, so please no flaming. Anyway. First thought was gratitude that I'd had the time to shower this morning and I put makeup on and looked halfway decent for once at 9 a.m. I am not a morning person. Right now, I'm not an any time of day person. Look at me cross-eyed and you'll wish you were invisible. hehehe ...

Before I get to work, I'm really excited for tonight. Hubby is off, so we're going to dinner and a movie. DisGrace is watching Munchkin (well, letting her tear around their house with her 3 monkeys while she works). We'll do something inexpensive for dinner and then catch Iron Man. I'm just excited to spend some time with my sweetie outside of our house ... lol



Trina said...

Really? It's Friday? I had no idea! (No, seriously, I didn't.)

Glad you're doing well. I figure since I'm not emailing anyone these days, I might as well post on blogs when I have something to interject ...

My Friday Fave Five: 1 - our car so I can LEAVE this durned city occasionally, 2 - that my hubby appeases my need to LEAVE this durned city occasionally, 3 - my daughters' funny laughs, 4 - that my kids are small enough to just pick up and go whenever I need to LEAVE this durned city occasionally, 5 - oh, and did I mention my car? Yeah, my car.

Wow. I knew I was running a cabin fever temp, but I didn't realize it was THAT bad. I think I'll go pack those backpacks now, because we're leaving after naps to stay with some friends for a couple of days just to get out.

Talk soon!! - Trina

kaje said...

Glad you got a sitter for tonight. Enjoy your date, and Iron Man! Matt and I both loved it!

Oh just Ehu. said...

I didn't know you were married to a Poly! I hope he cooks you some good good food. (Sorry, I'm just hungry for some good Poly food right now). Yeah, RR rocks!!

About the running into ol' friends. I have a hard time w/ that. Last Saturday I ran into 3 ol' friends at Wal Mart. I always get so awkward and weird. Serves me right for goin' to the WM near my house. Seriously, I stammer over my words for some reason--UGH!!

BTW--did those RS Presidency sisters' breath smell like 'foot' afterwards? Gosh, who says junk like that?? GRR!

Enjoy your date night tonight!;)

p.s. I started to read your previous entry and I've gotta say-thanks for the "(TMI)" forewarning. Gives me time to prepare myself :)

stewbert said...

heheh ... Trina, I hope you get out and enjoy some time with your girls today. :) Love hearing from you, even if it's a comment on the blog!

Kaje, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm hearing mixed reviews, so just not expecting *too* much.

Ehu, my husband is from Tonga! He doesn't usually cook Tongan food for me, but his parents do. I love it, kiddo is mostly vegetarian so she has a hard time, but she adores that side of our family, so she tries really hard to eat whatever they're serving. For me it depends on the friends I'm running into ... old boyfriends? not so much. lol. And Eagar and I decided that pregnancy, for whatever reason, makes people think it's okay to say rude/mean/thoughtless things. lol. (i do try to always put TMI in those sorts of posts ... glad you appreciate it)