Friday, May 2, 2008

*panic repeated*

Well, we got it cleaned. The place looks great, really. Hubby worked very hard in the garage and the kitchen, vacuumed most of the house, and did random things in other rooms while I worked and then did my office. Kiddo cleaned her room, and then I vacuumed the office and her room. As we were leaving, the agent came and knocked on my car door window and scared the dickens out of me. lol.

So then she called after they'd looked at it. Oh my gosh. They said it's their favorite floor plan, the best price, etc. etc. etc. They do have two other units to look at tonight, but if they make the offer, they want to be closed and moved in on 5/15. That's less than two weeks. They're preapproved for the loan, so that's not an issue either. It'll be fast and furious, but we can do it if we need to ... *crossing fingers* So I'm hoping they pull through and make the offer. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee.


Oh just Ehu. said...

WOW!! I was terrified after reading your To-Do list!!

I would have loved to see a picture of "dickens"...especially as it was being scared out of ya ;) Hope the offer comes thru!!

stewbert said...

Thanks Ehu! Me too.