Saturday, May 3, 2008

The House Situation

So here's the situation.

They called our agent today to ask her to take them to two more places, since they really like our agent and wanted to work with her. They didn't like the other agents they'd met last night.

I guess they had decided they wanted our place while they were looking at the last place they saw today with our agent when the owner showed up without her agent. She tried to work a deal right there, which was completely unethical, but said she'd drop the price to 178 (3 bedrooms), pay all their closing costs, and give them the fridge. BUT there isn't a garage and the guy works for a BMW dealership, so the garage is really important to them. They're torn between the garage and the deal. So ... they're fasting and praying about it tomorrow and are supposed to get back to her tomorrow or Monday. She said she's fasting too, since she thinks they should be here. lol

The thing is, we said 185 so there was a bit of wiggle room there. So I told her there was some wiggle room, that I'd always figured I'd have to pay some of the closing costs, and the fridge was always meant to stay. Of course, hubby is pissed off now and doesn't want to drop the price at ALL or give them an inch. lol. Mostly we want to pay off the car and a credit card, and I'm pretty sure we can still do that a tad bit lower *if* we only have our agent involved (makes a huge difference in commission fees).

She said she'd let them do their thing and if they come back Monday saying they want the other place, she'd tell them there was some wiggle room here and ask them what they thought. So we won't know for a couple more days.

She did say that she told them that most of these places they are looking at are families and that since it's just the two of them, if someone needed a couple more weeks, they might want to consider finding somewhere for a couple weeks to make it more feasible for the families. They said they have an uncle nearby they can stay with for 1 or 2 weeks. So that's also sort of good news.

At any rate, that's what's going on with the house. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


evitafjord said...

hmm, I'm pretty sure I've seen lots of agents get both the buying and selling commissions when they were the only agent. 90% sure that's how it worked when we bought our house.

they are really trusting (as we were in hindsight, though in our case DUMB) to use the selling agent as their buying agent. I think we got hosed on the price because we went that route and so the agent knew how much we wanted the house and i don't think put up much of a fight on our behalf re:the price and other closing deals. price goes down, commission goes down. of course, our agent wasn't fasting for anyone either ;-)

stewbert said...

Nooooo, that part is fine. The agent for the buying/selling is MY agent. I really like her and do trust her ... have known her for about a year when my folks started looking for a house down here. It's the fact that the other owner showed up without HER agent (who has a contract with her) and tried to work a deal without her contracted agent.

And *if* that's the case (agent doing the buying and selling), some agents will only take 3%, not 6%, which is stipulated in my contract with her. I thought that was normal ... lol

stewbert said...
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