Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Fave Five!!!

There is TMI in this post. Sorry.

1. Watermelon. I've eaten most of a seedless one this week, starting Monday at the in-laws ... they sent it home with us and I chopped it into chunks yesterday (I know ... it didn't take very long though). I've eaten a ton of it, loving the juicy goodness.

2. The swimming pool. I can't get it in right now, but did take kiddo earlier this week. Oh my gosh ... the water taking the weight of the baby off my back, hips, and knees ... heavenly. I stayed in only for about an hour, and did not want to get out. But (TMI) I had to pee so I had to get out, and then realized I had a slight sunburn, so I stayed out. I did have a bath last night in our huge garden tub, and it helped too. Not as much as the pool, but a lot.

3. My new company. I love them -- they just want me to be okay health wise and were great about the bedrest stuff, telling me not to overdo, etc. Never would have happened at my old job.

4. My family. My wonderful husband and child, picking up some of the slack from mom not being able to do much. He helped make dinner last night and she cleaned up her end of school mess today, plus changed the dishwasher. And got her own breakfast and our lunch (thank you Stouffer's). And DisGrace -- when I asked her for books to be reading, she sorted through a pile and will get them to me somehow this weekend.

5. Our realtor. I emailed her yesterday about bedrest this weekend, and told her hubby said no showings. She agreed and said she was feeling very protective and wouldn't let anyone bug me. Well. When someone called today to show the house (as we both figured would happen), she told him no. He insisted she ask me anyway, and I said no, too. We agreed early next week would be better.

Even with some stress regarding Small Fry and her mom today, I'm feeling better. I *think* the bleeding stopped, and I haven't been having contractions like I was. Kiddo keeps me in line, saying, "aren't you supposed to be on bedrest?" I'm drinking lots of water and using the bathroom nearly constantly, but I feel pretty good overall. I need to go have a nap now ... but ... things are better. I may end up just slowing down like this through the end of the pregnancy. We'll see!

*EDIT: I am having weird back pain and pressure, so I'm off to the hospital to see what's up. I'll post again when I can to update.

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oh just ehu. said...

The Juicy Goodness---I like that!! I think I want to use it for something...I don't know what yet.

I love watermelon!! I'm so glad it's summer!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!