Thursday, May 29, 2008

And I'm still having contractions


Talked to the nurse this morning, since I've been having contractions since Saturday. They're not very regular, but are intense and very uncomfortable at times. That plus a couple of other weird things going on, I was worried enough to call them.

I'm back on pelvic rest, and she would prefer it if I could be on bed rest, but working from home typing is "okay".


End of TMI

In other news, I cut out 12 diapers and 5 diaper covers last night ... they're all ready, waiting for me to sew up. Hubby was so proud this morning when he got home ... lol

And a joke from kiddo: What's black and white and green and black and white?

Two skunks fighting over a pickle.


Oh just Ehu. said...

ok ok, thanks for the "TMI/End of TMI"

I hope I'm not prying too much...but did Hubby enjoy his letter on his desk from the other day?

stewbert said...

:) Yeah, he did. He always appreciates little love notes when I leave them. hehehe

Kipluck said...


And really, I should have observed that TMI. I mean "PELVIC REST?" It's not like there are that many things your pelvis can rest FROM!

stewbert said...

LOL. I know. :D