Wednesday, May 21, 2008

P.S. I Love You

I don't usually watch tear jerkers. Period. And in my emotionally compromised and fragile pregnant state right now, I try and avoid touchy-feely movies at all. But I'd forgotten the premise to this movie until I saw the opening scene of the husband and wife fighting. It all came back to me in a flash, and I bawled for the next two hours as the wife found letters her deceased husband left for her in various places, and tried to move on with her life.

My husband and I don't always get along. Most couples don't. It just made me incredibly sad to think of the time we've wasted lately fighting or arguing or just not appreciating each other ... no one knows what the future holds. Even when the future looks bright and happy, anything can happen in an instant to change that.

I just really wish my sweet husband was home right now so I could tell him how much I love him. Guess it'll have to wait until morning. In the note I've written and left on his desk.


Oh just Ehu. said...

GIRL! Please don't even get me started on that stupid movie that I love so much!!! I watched it twice Saturday night--bawling both times and again Monday night.

GRRR!! I wish I didn't love that movie...especially when it makes me feel bad for being so mean to my ex at times.

evitafjord said...

I knew there was a reason I didn't want to see that movie - I'd forgotten the premise too. It didn't make much stir on my radar when it came out in the theatres. Fortunately for me, David probably won't want to rent it, so I'll never watch it lol. I know how to put stuff in our queue, but for some reason, that stuff mysteriously rarely makes it to the top of the queue lol. David and Jen's dad really liked it, but that's not always a good recommendation - he liked City of Angels too.

stewbert said...

Oh, Ehu ... I'm glad you liked it. I didn't love it and won't watch it again, but it did make me think hard. And I do appreciate my husband so much more.

City of Angels made me cry too. BAH. lol I knew hubby wouldn't wanna watch it either, so I rented it for my night off work. Derf.