Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just for you, Ehu

Our wedding day, August 30, 2006.


Oh just Ehu. said...

Awww, cute picture!! Y'all look so happy! Good day for it too!

Wow, ask and ye shall receive.
I'd like a million dollars, please.

Hmm, I hope StephAnn explained everything leading up to this pic or else I'd feel kinda weird.

And I can't wait to see your baby boy! I'm a fan of brown + white babies!!

evitafjord said...

Happy MT Week!!

I won a prize today :-)

Well, actually, I won it yesterday, but they announced winners today.

A new Bose radio/CD. Sweet, yeah? Well, we'll see and if nothing else, it should fetch $$ on ebay ;-)

stewbert said...

Thanks Ehu. Yeah, she explained enough that I felt comfy re-posting it. It used to be ON my blog, but after I changed the look of it (with steph's help) it no longer fit for some reason. And I'd like a million dollars, too ... and/or someone to buy the condo ... ahem.

Dawn, THAT is really cool. :) Spheris gave *travel* mugs to their MTs. Hello, they all work from HOME!!! I don't know what TT is sending, but I bet it's not a travel mug ...

kaje said...

not to be nosy or anything... but what is MT week?

stewbert said...

Medical transcriptionists week. It's something Ronald Reagan started to recognize the job we do. Of course, only MTs and their bosses know about it ... but ... still. It's something.

stewbert said...
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