Thursday, May 1, 2008


Our listing agent called today to see if we can show the house tomorrow night. Now, it's not in as bad shape as it has been in the past, but it's still not super clean either. She had emailed last week to let us know a couple was probably coming in 2 weeks from out of town to see it, so we thought we had this weekend to pick up. Apparently, we thought wrong!

It's fine -- she's great, she's very understanding and knows just how pregnant I am. I am going to work on the house tonight and tomorrow, and hubby and kiddo will help, but wow ... started making a list of things to do ...

*Bathrooms: toilets, sinks, tubs, countertops, floors, mirrors, make sure all the "dainties" and other clothes are out of there ...
*Kitchen: Dishwasher (probably twice), pots&pans, floor, dining room table, put various stray items away (flower pots, protein powder, safety pins, etc.)
*Dining room: Clean up kiddo's messes, get the placemats cleaned up and taken care of, etc.
*Living room: LAUNDRY put away, kiddo's messes put away, car seat and play yard (which showed up today, Wiiiii!) put away, sewing stuff put back in the closet, etc.
*Office: Ack. Make it presentable.
*Kiddo's room: LAUNDRY put away, make her clean up her crap off the floor.
*Our room: Laundry, put winter bedding back up in the closet, get boxes out of there, clean clean clean, etc.
*Entry: Sweep, mop.
*Trash out of office and bathrooms (this has to go on a list or I forget; kitchen trash goes out at least once a day, sometimes more, depending)
*Vacuum the entire house

Yeah ... just a tad overwhelmed. Oy.

ETA: Got our room and bathroom done last night, sewing stuff put back in the closet, the boxes that were in the way in the bedroom stashed in another closet, the laundry all put away, and the trash taken out. Then I started having contractions so I went to bed. They're just Braxton Hicks so they didn't hurt, but still annoying enough to keep me from sleeping or doing anything. Hubby woke up and is tackling the garage and will help with the main living space once he's done down there. I just keep reminding myself that it could definitely be worse.


Kipluck said...

My mom freaks out because my dad never gives her ANY warning when we show the house either. Me either while I'm here. I can be, like, in my G's and hear "we are coming down to show the house!" and I will have to throw on clothes and start throwing things into drawers. It's bad.

And, so, the kicking baby... he is for sure a boy? I guess I didn't know that! And you are naming him Braxton? Cute.

Cupcake said...

kip, Braxton Hicks is a type of contraction, not the name of the baby.

stewbert said...

Speaking of, if we sell the house ... I may be needing to call your dad for a rental. wooo.

The baby is for sure a boy. We aren't naming him Braxton though. Cupcake is right -- Braxton Hicks contractions are sort of ... practice contractions. Some women never get them, others have them a lot. I guess I'm "lucky" this time in getting a lot of them.

steph k said...

Aww.... I DO like the name Braxton though...