Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fave Five!

Missed Friday. It was a busy day ...

1. A child who can (and will) come to me with *anything*. Even if it's about pregnant 6th graders at her school (which her teacher confirmed). Or the day this week she got in trouble at school for scratching another child and *no one* from the school informed me, but she did, even knowing it would cost her a trip to the pool. Love her.

2. My snap press came! We've snapped two diaper covers and put 3 snaps in the top of Kiddo's pillowcase since her pillow is always falling out of it. Much more snapping to come ... it's kinda fun, kiddo loves pushing the lever after I've lined the snaps up.

3. Naps. I am loving the naps right now.

4. TransTech. That's the company I work for. For National MT Week, I got a $25 American Express gift cheque ... way better than a snow globe celebrating the fact that they're sending our jobs overseas or a travel coffee mug (two of the recent years' gifts from my old company). I think I smell a bookstore trip coming on ...

5. My husband for being patient with my tears and random situations. Went to lunch with my sister when my realtor called and said, "a couple wants to see the condo in 4 hours." Got home and hubby was a bit upset, but he did help clean -- he cleans much faster than I do, so I'll be honest. I "helped" him clean. It looked great and they liked it, but we haven't gotten an offer on it yet.

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