Thursday, May 22, 2008

Busy -- crunchy goodness

I haven't posted much about what I'm doing sewing wise lately ... Thought I'd post a general update, which will also serve to remind myself what I have left to do (lol).

I have 2 dozen prefold diapers plus a few Snappis ordered; we'll use them mostly for the first little while, but I needed to make covers and stuff too. My snap press should be here in the next week, so I can put snaps on the things that need them that are sewed up.

I have sewed:
4 small diaper covers (need snaps)
2 newborn diaper covers (need snaps)
3 newborn pocket fitted diapers with internal gussets (these are going to be converted from pockets to snap-in absorbent layers instead; need snaps; will be used with covers)
1 small wet bag (for nursing/mama pads)
a pouch sling (made it too long at first, so I had to fix it)
the mai tei carrier
two t-shirt dipes that are pathetic and won't be used. lol
and i've mended some things that needed it

I have cut out but have yet to sew:
1 medium wet bag
1 more newborn fitted with gussets; will need snaps
2 waterproof layers for 2 newborn diaper covers (need flannel outers)
2 waterproof layers for nighttime diapers (need alova suedecloth inners so the scratchy part doesn't touch baby; suedecloth will be here in a couple of weeks)
6 inner layers for small diapers
6 outer layers for small diapers (I didn't like the color combo with these, so I'll be cutting out 6 more inners but add gussets to them, and 6 more outers of different colors)
8 flannel pieces for the snap-in soakers (these each need two more layers, terry and something else; some will have crushed panne, some will have bamboo velour once it shows up, and some will have suedecloth on one part to wick moisture away)
Using the big piece of PUL Dawn sent for a mattress protector; need to get it measured and maybe some elastic put in the corners

I have created patterns for and made samples of:
Washable nursing pads
Washable postpartum mama pads
The mama pads need tweaking; nursing pads are fine.

Still left to cut out and sew:
The items mentioned above that need to be cut out
1 large wet bag for the diaper pail
2 more newborn covers
A dipe or two for an orphanage in the Philippines
Need a total of 15-18 small dipes (will use prefolds and windpro covers at night) and 20 medium dipes as well as a snap-in soaker for each of them; we will try out two different patterns on the boy to see which one works best for him.
Kiddo wants a couple of dresses and her own little "purse" that looks like my wet bag only with straps and without the waterproof layer.

Also need to do something to the cutest duck and frog fleece I found for a blanket, and I would love it if I finish a couple of overdue works in progress: A quilt I started 6 years ago (it just has some hand quilting and binding left to do) and an afghan I started for hubby after we got married (probably 18 months ago).

It's kind of fun to get into all of this ... have to experiment with different styles of dipes and fabrics, getting lots of help from mamas who make and sell dipes and mama pads and stuff ... And getting fabric and baby stuff from Dawn and other moms is helping too. :)


Oh just Ehu. said...

Oooh! I want to sew today. I think today's a good sewing day, it's quite overcast.

Kipluck said...

Wow... you are even going to be one of THOSE super moms! Sewing your own diapers... you should talk with my cousin T-La.

stewbert said...

hahaha ... I wouldn't call myself a super mom. :)

Ehu,I really wanted to sew the other day when it was overcast, but we had a house showing and I couldn't make a mess. *sniff* hehehe

Oh just Ehu. said...

So I didn't sew...but I ended up baking cookies--from scratch. Maybe I need to move to Seattle or San Francisco then I'll be Martha Stewart every day.

stewbert said...

*snort* is there any other kind of cookie than from scratch?