Thursday, May 15, 2008


I completely overdid yesterday (day off) and woke up with (TMI) pink discharge this morning. I'm chilling and working today, not stressing over anything. I walked a lot yesterday -- went to the neighbor's to visit teach, then went to Joanns to get some fabric and I couldn't park very close and wandered all over the store (got the cutest fleece for a blanket and a couple of things for Munchkin to craft with this summer), then walked half a mile to Auntie Voodoo's to meet DisGrace, had lunch with DisGrace and Dizzy and ran errands with them, hurried into the healthfood store to get some protein powder for hubby, came home to lie down but had to pick up Munchkin so my rest was short-lived, then we went to the grocery store to get frozen pizzas for dinner last night ... was up and down the stairs a lot. I did get a nap after dinner, then I sewed diaper covers last night, too. All in all, I just did wayyyyyyy too much. So I've been resting this morning, drank some juice and a Pepsi, and MoJo woke up and started kicking me, so everything is okay.

Hubby wasn't having the best day yesterday (which is one of the reasons I ended up doing so much), but he is doing pretty well on his meds ... I still think he needs something for his anxiety attacks, but my opinion doesn't count much on that score with the doctor. Or hubby.

Munchkin is still her hyper self -- I think she's getting nervous about the baby though and "losing" her daddy since she's demanding more attention from him and started punching him (!) the last week or so. Need to have a talk with her and him separately about it.

Hubby called CPS about Small Fry. We haven't heard from her in over 2 months now, her mother's phone has been disconnected, and we're supposed to have her for the summer starting in about 3 weeks. They told him they couldn't tell him anything, and legally wouldn't be able to tell him anything, and he should call the DA and/or PD about it. BAH. It's one of the reasons he was having an off day yesterday.

Need to get an electrician in to fix the lights in the office. *sigh* dunno who to call on that one. Bah.

At any rate. I'm just kicking back today -- yes, I still have laundry to wash and change over, but if at any point today I start having contractions, even BH ones, I'm going to go lie down and/or call the doctor.

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