Friday, July 13, 2007

Walking ... and not killing my children.

Went to Costco with DisGrace, her three children, and my two monkeys. We raced around the store (she was in a hurry) and grabbed a bite to eat. Then, she had to take Gramma to the doctor, so she took Dizzy with her and I took her older kids home with me to drop off frozen/fridge food, then to Wal-Mart.


We got there at 1:30, just as everyone at the pharmacy was going to lunch. They would be back at 2. So we shopped, went back to the pharmacy, and dropped off the prescriptions. Walked around the store some more, went back to the pharmacy. Still not done. Made the kids go away and torment each other somewhere else. Talked to DisGrace, asked her to send hubby to my house at 3.

He got there before me.

So did my hubby.

I'm ready for bed now, but sadly I have to work.

BUT I'm counting the jaunts around the parking lots and both stores as my walk today.

And upon returning home, I promptly drank two bottles of water. i'm sure I'll have to pee soon, but at least I'm hydrating again.


Kipluck said...

drinking water can be really hard for me. I really have to make myself do it sometimes. So good job!

stewbert said...

yeah, it's not always easy. :)