Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"I'm bipolar and heavily medicated"

Munchkin's friend's dad told me that the first time we met. My response? "How 'bout the girls play here."

Hubby is bipolar. He's not medicated. But we did just go to the doctor for meds and he's going to the therapist again today. The therapist recommended one drug, and the doc recommended he try something different. So we left with an RX for a mood stabilizer, samples for a mood lifter, and samples of a sleeping pill for him to try when he's NOT going to work the next morning.

He's supposed to be on the mood stabilizer for two days then start the others ... but because of a mixup in our bank accounts, we have to wait until Friday to fill the Rx. So, we wait. But I'm hopeful this will help him get more stable. And not make him MEAN like my herbals did.


steph said...

if they make him mean, break his kneecaps!

or don't.

stewbert said...

hahaha ... but i like his knees!!!!