Sunday, July 22, 2007

HP#7 -- Deathly Hallows

I picked up my preordered copy in the mail yesterday evening, before I started making dinner. Had to wait to start reading it, but I just finished it -- I had to sleep (tired eyes) and go to church and a cousin's homecoming was today ... Plus I had to make dinner for the family last night and spent some time with hubby (who doesn't want to read the book but does want to know how it ends ... *snort*) ... so ... I picked it up about 22 hours ago, minus 7 hours for sleep, three for church, one for cooking, two with hubby ... that leaves about 9 hours of reading? not too bad -- I'll probably read it again this week unless my bro wants to borrow my copy when he picks up the Beast (our second car) rather than buy his own copy. We shall see.

I liked it -- lots. Tidied up the loose ends, confirmed some of my suspicions, made clear some of the things I'd wondered about, and showed that appearances can always be deceiving.


Snape not being an evil punk was sort of gratifying. And the reasons he protected Harry made sense. I was glad she showed that Dumbledore wasn't perfect, even if he was an amazing wizard (character). Draco got all the punishment he deserved, even if it was at Voldemort's hand, not Harry's.

Luna isn't as batty as she seemed in the earlier books. Neville truly is a hero -- late bloomer. Ron is a bit of a hot head, but he always has been. Hermione is still a genius. The twins are courageous as ever. Harry ... is Harry. Voldemort is Voldemort. I rather enjoyed getting to know the goat whisperer a bit as well.

The folks who died though -- there were more than the two I'd heard rumored. Five of the good guys who have been major characters throughout the series ... Six if you count owls. That made incredibly sad. Seven if you count someone who didn't really die ... ahem. None of them were quite as shocking as when Dumbledore died in #6, but when the second personage died, it was almost as much of a shock.

And I always knew Harry and Ginny would wind up together in the end. Albus Severus is a good name, indeed.


And in case you're wondering, I'm seeing pretty well. Every once in a while I have a fluctuation, but apparently that's to be expected. At my appointment Friday, my vision was 20/20 with both eyes, 20/25 in the left, and 20/30 in the right -- I was 20/575 in the left and 20/650 in the right with huge astigmatisms before. So this is huge improvement.

Hubby is doing well with the Tegretol but not so much with any of the antidepressants he's tried. *sigh* At least his moods are evened out mostly -- and when the antidepressant gets out of his system, hopefully the psychotic thinking (which had left but now came back) will go away again. GAH.

Gotta go heat up dinner for the masses. We're having salad with leftover steak from last night. Hubby ate all the ribs apparently. Owell.


Kipluck said...

Hee hee hee hee! So, I saw the SPOILER signs around the spoilers but thought they were both the beginnings of TWO sets of Spoiling and couldn't figure out what was spoiling about your eyes. hee hee hee!

But I felt the same about the book. SIGH!

evitafjord said...

Finished it last night. Liked it much too. Had heard from a couple of people that one didn't like the ending battle because it was too short (whatever, I thought it was awesome) and the other didn't like the epilogue (I agree, too happily ever after, but sweet and nice and yada yada).

kaje said...

It's killing me that I can't read the rest of your comments! But thanks for marking them as spoilers; I'm only on page 216. *sigh*

stewbert said...

heheheh ... sorry Kaje. Glad you had the discipline to NOT read them!!! :)