Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Okay, this has got to suck.

I'm so getting fired for this. *crossing fingers* hopefully not.

"When I asked about psychiatric history, he had very little to say other than to tell me that his brain has been sent by fax or scan to Australia and he would like to know if it is back yet."

Now, I honestly had to laugh at this. Poor patient.

At least my day doesn't suck that bad. hehehehehe

So hubby wants to quit his job. I told him to find a new one and then quit. We worked on his resume at 2 this morning. I haven't had much sleep obviously. And today, I'm getting all the psych reports. Those days have two effects on me.

1. It makes me feel better about my own brain to know that I, in fact, could be crazier.

2. It wears me out emotionally, listening to all these poor peoples' problems. Like the patient above. Or the one who thinks he's Jesus reincarnated, but has AIDS and (as the doctor said) those two items are incompatible. Or the battered women who end up hurting themselves to get some attention and acknowledgement that something isn't right in their world.

So I'm sleepy for lots of reasons. At least hubby was finally able to tell me what was bothering him -- poor guy. thought i'd panic and freak out on him for wanting to quit his job. heck, i want to quit my job on a regular basis, but i don't. So I'm hoping I don't get fired. But sometimes the "nuts" make me laugh. And/or cry. And sometimes, I have to tell *someone* about it. I may have to look for a new job anyway, esp. if he leaves his. We'll no longer have good insurance, so I'll have to do something different since our insurance sucks. And, being a heart patient who has to have yearly followup and wants to have babies, we NEED insurance. Oy.

Moved my office into the bedroom yesterday -- Small Fry and Munchkin need space from each other. And we'd intended to turn the office into a nursery. And my brother is coming from Japan, so we're letting (making) them stay here a couple days and needed a guest room of sorts. So .... the office is in a corner in the bedroom. It's quiet in here, away from the other computer and the TV. I like it. Hopefully it works long-term.

And that's all my ramblings today. I need to get ready to go to the temple with CC. Yay for the temple!


steph said...

YAY!! I'm so glad we went. Truly. :)

I hope I didn't void it by stopping at Scooter's.

Anyway we should paint your old office.... like a pale soft blue.

Or not... but that sounds fun. I'll buy the paint! lol

Mostly I just want to go paint shopping and paint NOT for my Grandma.

stewbert said...

LOL. I was thinking a soft green or yellow -- since it's going to be a nursery for a baby I'm not pregnant with and don't have any idea of gender.

Kipluck said...

Maybe THAT'S what's wrong with me! A doctor faxed my brain away!

stewbert said...

hahahaha ...