Wednesday, July 4, 2007

4th of July Random Thoughts

Happy Independence Day. The girls wanted to go to a parade this morning but I was trying to work and they weren't letting me. We're supposed to do fireworks and see their grandparents and hubby wants to go see Transformers, but none of them have let me work yet (they're leaving me alone right this second though, but I'm posting instead of working????). *sigh* Speaking of Transformers, we saw this guy all dressed up for the Transformers premiere Monday -- we saw him pull into Sonic, where we were grabbing dinner the other night before we saw Ratatouille, and he posed quite nicely for us. He has red contacts, which you could only tell outside. When we got back over to the theater, he was there with a friend of his who was NOT dressed up. Too funny.

Snapped this picture of Small Fry as soon as she jumped in the car the day I picked her up. She's so gorgeous.

This is Lace's oldest daughter, The Princess. She was showing off her gaposis. We were at dinner with all the family who lives in Utah since my parents were here, closing on their new house, which is near DisGrace and family.

At the restaurant, Dizzy, my niece who is 20 months old, wanted to come say hi and sit in my lap (and eat my food). But hubby startles her every time she sees him (she needs to spend more time with him) and he was sitting in between us. So when she finally got there, I needed to do something for Munchkin, so I plopper my niece right in his lap and he held her like, "AAAAAAAAAa, a baby!!!!" and she just wouldn't even look at him. Then I got done with Munchkin and Dizzy started reaching for me. I turned her back to hubby and started rubbing her back. She snuggled up to him, but was more than happy when I took her back a couple minutes later. So was he. Wish I'd taken a picture of that, but owell.

This is Dizzy's Daddy and my hubby -- Dizzy's Daddy is the one who hooked us up. This was at our family reunion last summer. He looks a little strange, but he's a great guy, one of my favorites.

So, there you have it. Hubby may or may not get to see the movie, but I am going to get work done so we can go see his parents (they haven't seen us since Small fry got here) and do fireworks at some point. Yahoo.


steph said...

woo hoo! hee hee

I love your family

stewbert said...

hehehe ... me too.

Kipluck said...

YAY! YAY FOR GEEKS!!! I want to see Transformers SO BAD I may have to go by myself after work.