Thursday, July 26, 2007

Houseguests and other nonsense

Sunday, went to church, then over to my aunt's house. A cousin got home from her mission. I left hubby home (he needed a nap before he went home teaching) and took the girls. My uncle (who has met hubby more than twice) said, "I don't know this little girl, who is she?" while pointing to Small Fry. "She's mine." lol. People kept commenting on how beautiful she is -- my family really likes her. She was very mature and well behaved while we were there.

Monday, we chilled at home. Hubby and I weren't getting along in the morning, and then after we "made up" my BROTHER showed up from Japan with his wife and kidlet. I'd asked him to call and give us notice. He then asked if we'd been napping when they got here. "Sure." Oy.

Niecey-poo is quite cute, has an infectious giggle, and is just a sweetie. Munchkin adores her and keeps following her around to make sure she's not getting into stuff that could choke her. Wooo!

Tuesday, went to visit the in-laws. Hubby's niece and nephew (2 and 4) were here visiting while their parents had a vacation. Mom and Dad and my SIL watched them. I'm sure they're glad we showed up, carrying a pan triple chocolate brownies ... which somehow the nephew got all over his face and arms and Small Fry got on her neck.

Then hubby and I went to a therapy session together, leaving the kids in the waiting room. We have really needed help communicating, and she did help us. We both felt better after our talk that night. Yay. Then we lit fireworks with the kids.

Yesterday, hubby watched the kids until I was done working, then he left to run a couple of errands, and I made the kids help me clean the old office -- Small Fry has been sleeping in there, but bro's family is in there for a couple nights. She was very good about letting them stay in there, and helped clean it out (of course, that means she gets to have a clean room, too). Made dinner last night (chicken legs, salad, and garlic mashies), played games with the kids, and put them to bed.

It's fun to see my bro -- haven't seen much of him since he left on his mission. He'll be 29 this year. We used to be really close. He met his wife while he was on his mission and she moved over here after he got home. They got married shortly after that. Their 7th anniversary is tomorrow. Since then, they were adjusting to being married and then trying to have kids for 5 years before they got one, and just ... faded out of our family for a long time. Frankly, I'm surprised he took me up on the offer to stay here. But after they got married, I moved to Oregon, and they did let me stay with them a few times when I was visiting. And after we moved back to Utah, we lived at opposite ends of a street in Orem and saw them more than anyone else in the family did. So yay! They're here! They're also using our Exploder for the duration of the trip, and I'm taking them to the airport the morning they leave. Which is also the day Small Fry leaves. That's gonna be a fun day ... or something.

He and his wife just look so happy to have their baby -- she'll be one next month, and they had tried for a long time. So now my SIL has asked a couple times when we can have a baby. lol. I'll admit, theirs has made me more baby hungry ... and probably had the same result on hubby. But he's been hesitant to try again after our experience in May, and now with the zapping of the eyes, we *should* wait a while. So I just told her we needed to wait because of the eyes. Both sides of our family are very anxious for us to have a baby though ... Want to see what they'll look like.

I'm finishing up work today -- technically I'm on vacation, but since our internet is lame, I've used up a bunch of my PTO with that at the beginning of the month, so now I just get to work some every day of the vacation. *sigh* Owell.

My parents and other brother are getting in town next week, and Munchkin and a nephew are getting baptized next Saturday. I can't believe we only have Small Fry for about 10 more days! Ack! School clothes shopping! EEEEeeeep.


steph said...

sounds busy!

evitafjord said...

4 weeks from Monday for us - so I'm almost done with school shopping. Just waiting to hear back from Hannah's principal about some shirts I want to get her (uniforms, found some with a little more personality than peter pan collar or polos but don't know if it's kosher).

stewbert said...

Haven't even started school shopping yet. I'm trying not to panic since hubby didn't work for two weeks (medication!) and he's scheduled to go back next week but didn't get the shift change he'd requested ... and ... well ... there is no money. Bah.