Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Good plumbing, work, LASIK, and genetics

Just so you know, we now have unclogged drains. They were pretty bad -- every time hubby cuts his hair, the shower and sink get clogged, even though he cuts it over the garbage can. Whatever is left on his head though goes down the drain and gets all tangled up with my hair that floats down there and stuff. Well ... out of desperation for a long, hot bubble bath in a squeaky clean bathtub sometime this weekend while I'm off work, I looked up "clogged shower drain" and found this website. So, per the advice of this old house, I stuffed rags into the vent holes, plunged the heck out of the drains, and voila! UNCLOGGED DRAINS!!!!! NO MORE DRANO!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Need to do the girls' bathroom, too, but it's on my list to do later. Like after I finish my work marathon before my weekend off.

Moving on ... my brother and his wife and I were talking Monday night. They sometimes feel out of place in our family since people are always asking them to do stuff but then not hanging out with them or spending time with them. We talked about my SIL from Japan briefly, mentioned that I'm hoping with me being married to a Pacific Islander that it might help her and him (and Small Fry) feel like they all belong with us when they visit next week. We talked about how we're not really racist, and that we're not even technically "Caucasian" but because our Lebanese blood isn't as apparent as it is in some of our other family members (unless it's summer and I'm at the pool frequently), a lot of people think we are. And some of my family (cousins who are darker than I will ever be) welcomed Moe to the family by saying, "we finally have some brown blood in our lines." IDIOTS. THEY are brown. Goll. And I shared with them the little gem that Small Fry said at the store: "I come from a family of Oakies." I had to ask her what the heck that meant (that is NOT her last name). "Very very very [x30] crazy white people who live in trailer parks." hahahaahahahahahahahah. That so describes her grammas and uncle and mom ...

I'm having LASIK tomorrow. CC is taking me to the appointment. Jess is watching the kids. Probably ought to call her and tell her what time, but here's hoping it all works out.

Hubby is home today -- He got sent home yesterday and they told him not to come back today if he was still out of it. He was. I said that I would really appreciate if he helped clean up some because I'm just so flipping overwhelmed. He and the kids cleaned. As his meds wore off, we got into a fight. Then he calmed down, we made up, and he took the next dose of drugs. Hubby needs to try and go to work in the a.m., but he may get sent home again. Eeeeep.

Anyway. I'm then taking a few days off. We're supposed to go camping with the kids and stuff. We'll see what happens. I'm just excited to have a few days OFF. hehehe

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