Thursday, July 12, 2007

I walked!

Okay, so I did the "uber cheesy" 1-mile walk video. But I did it. I actually have walked a couple times outside this week in the heat and mugginess of the valley. No wonder I'm getting a migraine ...

Anyway. I haven't really exercised for like a month. Stress gets to me and I eat and quit exercising. Which is stupid, since the best way to combat stress is the opposite: Eat healthier and move your body.

At least I did it today. And hopefully I can remember the above lesson during the upcoming weeks: I have an eye doc appt this afternoon for my Lasik preop, the Lasik is the next week, and then we're going camping, and then the next week my little bother and his wife and baby are coming for a visit from Japan ... and the week after that, my oldest bother and his wife and kids plus my parents are all coming, and Munchkin and one of my nephews are getting baptized. Then, two days later, Small Fry goes home. At some point between the camping trip and her flight, we have to go school clothes shopping for both girls. And her mother better call me back so we can get her ON the flight. Gah. School is back in on August 7 for Small Fry and August 21st for Munchkin.

So, there's the rest of the month and into August laid out for you.


MamaBear said...

LASIK! how exciting! you'll be #4 in the family (after me, aki, and gracie) to do it!

i'm keeping track of other procedures, too... i'm #2 after desi on my most recent one. ;) you'll hafta wait a LONG time for that!

stewbert said...

LOL. Yeah, I have almost enough left in my flex spend to cover the LASIK and we figured it's now or never. So it's now. Well. Next week ...

hehehe ... Tubal is in the plans if I have to have a C-section after two or three more kids. Hubby is now considering adoption for the all four given my health, but I have a need to have more babies. Have you heard of the Essure procedure? I'm steering clear of it, but talked to Grace about it -- less recovery time than a tubal, but just as effective.

I'm hoping none of the rest of us have to have an open-heart. I'm #1 on that. :P